Welcome to New Wave Renewable Energy Systems

New Wave Renewable Energy Systems, Inc. (“New Wave”) is a privately-held Connecticut corporation created in April, 2008. After over 40 years of working in the construction, real estate development and energy industries, the company’s founder and President, Mr. Jean Marc Lacroix, started New Wave in order to provide building and business owners with a way to use energy more efficiently and effectively. This is done without forsaking the client’s comfort while helping to save on energy costs and by acting in an environmentally responsible manner; ultimately increasing the value of their property or business by incorporating state-of-the-art alternative and renewable energy solutions.

New Wave works to apply the latest developments in alternative and renewable energy technologies, utilizing the latest equipment and system designs available today. New Wave’s focus is on: Geothermal Systems; Trash-to-Energy Systems; and, Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Materials and Designs. New Wave consults for clients on new projects and ‘those in need of rescue.’ New Wave provides both the Project Development and Project Management expertise to successfully complete a Project from start-to-finish, while bringing together the ‘right’ companies to meet all of our client’s expectations.

New Wave Renewable Energy Systems has provided services to individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations from commercial to industrial, institutional and residential. Our mission is to make heating, cooling and electricity part of the mainstream renewable energy supply at every level to contribute to a more energy secure and sustainable planet.

We hope to encourage local and national legislation in order to make renewable energy a practical investment opportunity in every state for every home and business owner , as well as municipalities and state agencies.

While our goal is to have a national presence, NWRES prides itself on being a local business in all of the communities where we offer renewables energy solutions.


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