Energy Types


 The United States currently relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy.

The future is now and with it brings renewable energy resources, these are energies that will never run out - wind, solar and water, they are constantly replenishing themselves.


The Thermal-Chemical Method (Waste to Energy Plant)


The Business opportunity described here  is an advanced renewable energy, eco-benign and profitable system, which simulta-eously solves three groing and critical ploblems of each municipality community in the US and Worldwide.


MSW & C&D: including garden, forest, hospital, agriculture, hazardous, house demolition and other municipal unsorted solid waste, old ash dump materials and used tires.


In contrast with other WTE plants, the TCM-WTE plants do not utilize fossil fuel, outside electricity or water, additives and catalysts, and does not produce ash, does not emit dioxin, furan, methane, and utilizes CO2 emission to grow vegetables.