Bristol Plant

               The site.

The projected plant will take 9 acres lot in 170 Central Street, Bristol, CT, and it has access to railroad and car roads, which makes possible to receive and unload 2500 tons waste per day. There are now exist interconnection electricity line of 13.8 K-volt on 600 amp and water and canalization usual town lines.

Project Equipment

The projected TCM-WTE plant consists of six units that reactors will be posed in two rows. Each unit consists of: waste treatment cupola reactor column furnace (each one has 18m in height and 2.5m in bottom diameter), transporter of waste to reactor column, steam heater aggregate, scrubber, gasholder, filters, pumps and tube systems.


Each unit accompanies with a storage shop (with magnet for extracting iron things and crushing machine) for storage of six days amounts of feedstock, totally for 2000 tons.


The plant will also have six melted metal casting shops, six shops for melted slag cooling with grinding machines, three electro-turbines, one greenhouse on the building roof, two hot water cooling towers, a shop for storage of other materials and products and administrative and workers cloakroom spaces.