Getting Started

Sometimes we feel that not only are we in the business of saving energy but we're also in the business of saving money and a lot of it! When it comes to executing the agreement we will present you with various payment options which could include both financing and leasing.
Over the years we have established solid relationships with the most progressive financial institutions to offer an array of options. Our in-house grant and loan specialists will guide you through the process of applying for government and state rebates and tax credits. Our proven system makes this a smooth transition for the customer.
We will file the necessary paperwork with the different financial institutions, grants and tax credits so that you will not be burdened with the complex process. And unlike most renewable energy companies, NWRES will credit you with your rebate at the time of installation, so you never have to pay more than the net cost or be told that you will receive a rebate in the mail.
Depending on your individual energy solution and design, you may be able to generate a positive cash flow from the start, by saving more on your electric bill than you'd pay for your new energy solution. And with the continuously rising cost of fuel and electricity your cash flow will only increase.