Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger

Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger – Sc.D., PhD & MS in Chem. & Ceramic Eng., Patent holder – CTO

Bio of Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger

Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA;

aerokhv@aol.com ; 347-866-6882



1993 – Present, since 2006 - President: International Association of Arts and Sciences, Inc., (nonprofit) at COJECO and UJA                  Federation, NY, NY


1992 – 2005: Polytechnic Inst. of New York University, Brooklyn, NY; Chemistry, Chemical Eng. & Materials Science                               Departments; - Research Professor

996 - 2000: Nucon Systems, Inc. NY, NY; - VP for R&D


1984 – 1991: University for Continuing Education of Industrial Managers, Moscow; Informatics and System Analysis                             Department; - Professor      

1975 – 1991: Ceramics Industry Analytical & Technical Center; Moscow, f. USSR; Dept. Head.



Created nine original chemical-technological systems and six advanced ceramic products, as well as three management                  computer systems for Ceramic Materials Industry;


For the last 15 years invented, developed and US patented three cost-effective and very profitable  thermo-chemical                 technologies and advanced ceramic products and apparatuses for electricity generation or transmission that can totally result            in 15 % reduction of GHG emissions and fossil fuel consumption worldwide:

1) Microwave assisted production, closing, and a method of the industrial application of large ceramic containers for permanently safe storage of spent nuclear fuel rods;

       2) Nanofabrication of the hybrid conductor-superconducting macro-ceramic leads and multi-strand round electric wire, which 5x reduces cost, weight, diameter and energy losses of electrical cables, motors, and transformers; and

       3) Cost and Environmentally efficient electricity generation and complete recycling of unsorted municipal solid waste and other carbonaceous solid materials and mixtures in the advanced industrial waste-to-energy plant system.     



The American Ceramic Society recognized Dr. A. Rokhvarger among 100 greatest innovators of the 20th century for 100x           reduction of firing time period for processing Ceramic Tile Using Rollers Hearth Kiln


Since 1998 Marquis Who’s Who, NJ is recognizing Dr. A. Rokhvarger in annual issues of “Who’s Who” in …”: “… the World”; “… America”; and “… Science and Engineering”.



Eight books including two editions of a college textbook


196 publications, including 21 since 1992


52 presentations at professional meetings, including 18 since 1993 


Since 1997 seven (7) US and a few International Patents.



The American Ceramic Society, Member, 1991 – Present


 Materials Research Society, Member, 2002 – Present


Math-Statistics  Seminar at Moscow Univ. "Data Analysis and Decision Making", 1975 – 1990


Editor of All-USSR monthly journal "Ceramic Wall and Porous Materials", 1985 – 1991.



D.Sc. - in Ceramic Engineering and Materials Science, Tech. Un., Leningrad, f. USSR 


Ph.D. - in Chemical Ceramic Engineering and Materials Science, Chem.-Tech. Univ., Moscow


MS - in Chemical Ceramic Engineering, Chem.-Tech. Univ., Moscow


MS - in Applied Statistics, Design of Experiment and System Analysis, Moscow State University.