Waste to Energy


The Technology


The plants will utilize a chemical method (TCM) that produce cost-effective, self-sustainable and clean waste-to-energy (WTE) industrial plants.  Reference U.S. Patent # 8,197,565 “System of the chemical engineering processes generating energy and utilizing municipal solid waste or a carbon content mixture".  The patent is owned by two principals of New Wave who are granting New Wave exclusive and renewable use of its patented technology.


 Completely utilizing day-by-day renewable municipal solid waste (MSW) or other carbonaceous mixtures, this TCM-WTE plants generate electricity, and marketable by products including metal goods, concrete and road filling materials using a completely oxygen free system processing the waste at between 1500 and 1600 degrees centigrade.  In contrast with other WTE plants, the TCM-WTE plants do not utilize fossil fuel, outside electricity or water, additives and catalysts, and does not produce ash, does not emit dioxin, furan, methane, and utilizes CO2 emission to grow vegetables.