Our Vision is.


“To provide the leading technology platform for converting the worldʼs waste into clean energy for a healthier planet..” We are working to make landfills obsolete and to replace incineration as the primary process for thermally treating waste.


In contrast with the known pyrolysis technology, TCM technology gasifies organic materials at 1500 – 1600ºC, 6atm steam pressure and lack of oxygen. This makes possible complete utilization of day-by-day renewable municipal solid waste (MSW) or other carbonaceous mixtures, and results in synthetic gas (syngas) production to generate power or liquid fuel and production of hot water, cast metal goods, gravel materials and vegetables.


Additionally, TCM-WTE plant does not consume fossil fuel, outside electricity and tap water, additives, and catalysts, does not produce ash, does not emit dioxin, furan, methane, and utilizes CO2 emission to grow vegetables.


These unique technical advantages make operation of the super-clean TCM-WTE plant especially cost-effective and profitable with projected IRR = 40%, which contrasts with known Waste-to-Energy plants that work with donations from municipal budgets.