our Vision is .“To provide the leading
technology platform for converting the worldʼs waste into clean energy for
a healthier planet..” We are working to make landfills obsolete and to replace
incineration as the primary process for thermally treating waste.
We are well on our way. New wave (NWE) NWEʼs technology operates in three
reference plants and two new commercial plants, including a 1000 tonne per day
municipal waste plant, are under construction. A NWE plasma gasification plant is more
efficient and more environmentally friendly than a state of the art incineration plant.
In the remainder of this document, we present in detail the qualifications of NWE
and the merits of NWEʼs plasma gasification technology.
Newwaveʼs Plasma Corp provides technology to convert a wide variety of waste
streams into a clean syngas which can be further converted into other forms of energy.